Terms and Conditions

  1. The quote generated by this website is calculated using information provided to us by you. It is also based on the assumption that the transaction will not prove to be more complex or time consuming than is standard for such a transaction or involve additional legal work on another aspect of your case. If it does prove to be more complex or time consuming or involve wok on another aspect, then the professional fees and necessary outlays may be varied and increased accordingly. Upon such being necessary, you will be advised of this and of the fees that will incur after our Property Lawyer has discussed it with you.
  2. If the transaction does not proceed to completion, you will still have to pay for all work done up to the point when the transaction came to an end and for all outlays up to that stage.
  3. Our Property Lawyers will issue you with a retainer letter outlining the procedure specific to your transaction and confirming the contractually agreed professional fees as per the quote received from Property Lawyer NI. The VAT rate, Stamp Duty Land Tax rate, registration fees and other outlays may change after the date of any quotation received from Property Lawyer NI.
  4. The quote herein does not cover payments which may be due to other professionals and third parties to include architects, your lender, energy rating assessor, estate agent, removal specialists etc. You should budget accordingly.
  5. Stamp Duty Land Tax, on the purchase price of a residential property is as follows (subject to governmental and budgetary changes):
    • Nil on properties of £125,000 or under
    • 1% on properties from £125,001 to £250,0003
    • 3% on properties from £250,001 to £500,000
    • 4% on properties over £500,001
    • Depending on the location of the property being purchased up to a value of £150,000, Disadvantaged Area Relief may apply and our Property Lawyers will investigate this on your behalf.
    • Stamp Duty on a commercial or agricultural property is as detailed above save that the 1% rate commences at properties from £150,001.
  6. You should familiarise yourself with the Frequently Asked Questions of this website for further information in respect of the proposed transaction. If you have any queries as to the transaction process, this should firstly be brought to the attention of your dedicated Property Lawyer. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied, you should consult the retainer letter issued to you at the outset and engage the Complaints Procedure. Our Property Lawyer will advise you of all options available to you in this regard to include referral to the Law Society of Northern Ireland should you remain dissatisfied.
  7. The total charge quoted is on the basis of immediate settlement out of the sale proceeds or your own funds prior to or on completion. Property Lawyer NI reserves the right to delay completion of the transaction until payment is secured in this fashion or otherwise to levy interest on the sum due at 2% per month until settlement is received. Our Property Lawyers may also retain documents and papers belonging to you (whether relating to the transaction in hand or otherwise) until all sums outstanding are paid. In the event instructions are received from one or more persons or companies, there shall be joint and several responsibility to discharge all sums due.
  8. Our Property Lawyers are Solicitors, regulated by the Law Society of Northern Ireland. It is a requirement that full and accurate records are held in respect of all instructions received from you. Compliance with the Home Charter Scheme is standard. In relation to any bill from our Property Lawyers, you can ask to obtain a certificate of fairness from the Law Society of Northern Ireland; this review is free. Alternatively you can require our Property Lawyers to prove any bill in the High Court; the expenses of this review would normally have to be paid for by you unless the bill is reduced by more than a sixth.
  9. Additional and specific terms of business will be detailed in our Property Lawyer’s retainer letter.

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