As the saying goes – “they don’t make land anymore”. So let’s get the deal done – you will have specific plans for the land depending on the time of year.

Instruct Property Lawyer NI and we will ensure that not only the title is in order but whether or not there are environmental or cross-compliance concerns/implications from the title documentation and queries raised. We will insert Special Conditions into the Contract to your satisfaction. Once accepted and the transfer deed approved, we will proceed towards completion subject to being in funds. All formalities or registration will be taken care of. Our Property Lawyers will also supply you with the required letter of ownership for DARD.



You have presented your land in good order for sale, so must be the case for the title deeds. When we receive these from you or your existing lender, we will prepare the contract.

In conjunction with you, we will inspect your farm maps and deal with the usual agricultural enquires. You will be informed of any special conditions insisted upon by the intending purchaser. If these are in order, we will have you sign the contract and proceed towards completion. If you are transferring your Single Farm Entitlements with the land, we will assist you in completing the TE1 form from DARD.



Conacre agreements are becoming more common, and essential.

In the recent past, case law has developed significant implications on setting land in conacre. For expert advice, contact Property Lawyer NI so that your specific circumstances may be determined and your future position protected.



Increasing your herd, diversification or otherwise, presenting your land as security for borrowings requires careful attention to the maps.

Let Property Lawyer NI assess your title deeds and farm maps to determine the security on offer. We will liaise with your lender and obtain the industry standard searches and property certificates. We will advise you on the implications and if you wish to proceed, we will report on your title to your new lender. The registration formalities will we addressed on your behalf.

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