Commercial Property Conveyancing

Buying a Commercial Property?

You require finance or just a better deal on your mortgage. You lender wants appropriate security for the borrowing.

The title must be in order – so inform Property Lawyer NI where your title is and we will commence inspection of this. We will apply for all relevant searches required by your lender. We will meet with you to ensure that you are happy to proceed with the mortgage offer. The title will be certified to your lender with the funds being used to redeem the existing mortgage (if applicable). The new charge will be registered against your title and your deeds sent to your new lender on conclusion.

Property Lawyer NI can help you with all your Commercial Conveyancing needs.

Buying or selling a Commercial Property?

Selling a Commercial Property?

Time is of the essence – you want to move on and with this in mind, our Property Lawyers will quickly prepare the contract once title is available.

All searches will be undertaken per the contract and queries answered whilst liaising with you. We will ensure that the contract is to your satisfaction prior to binding you to complete. Upon determining what may be due to your current lender (if applicable), the transfer deed will be signed by you and completion formalities taken care of.

Renting a Commercial Property

Renting a Commercial Property?

Be you a tenant or landlord, the Business Tenancies (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 will bind many such transactions.

A casual approach is not what you need – you require expert, tailored advice and our Property Lawyers will strive to meet this need. Everything from title to the property, to the obligations on both sides and the ever debated rent issue – just contact Property Lawyer NI.

Commercial Mortgaging


Your bank may be keen to finance or refinance in support of your business. With this comes a driven demand for collateral and security.

Usually couched in a facility letter, contact Property Lawyer NI for expert advice on Guarantees, Debentures and Legal Charges. Where necessary, we will liaise with your lender and meet the industry standard requirements of obtaining searches and property certificates. We will discuss with you the implications of the security and have you sign the relevant documentation, provided you are willing to proceed. Our Property Lawyers will report on the title to your lender and conclude formalities of registration.

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